Comic Cons across the world attract collectors and sales of items celebrating peoples favourite franchises, from simple T-Shirts to cosplay items and equipment to replica models and collectable figures with a literally endless list of tastes to attract.

We estimate that capacity and foot traffic will easily accommodate around 30 trade tables based on the attendance at last year's Galaxy Comic Con. We had great feedback from sellers and the traders zone was busy throughout.

There are two main branches of trade stands available for vendors to sell goods in the context of the event.

•Retail tables – 5 and 6 feet long tables are available,  both are 2.5 feet wide with around 2 metres behind the table as a designated area.  Each table is £50 for the weekend.  These can be bought in groups and larger requirements can be facilitated on request space and availability permitting.

•Electrical ports can be made available subject to safety and a surcharge.

•Access is provided to enable vendors to set up stalls on Friday with packing up to be completed Sunday evening. Opening times are 10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday with vendor and exhibitor access from 9am or by arrangement.

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