Galaxy Comic Con Jersey is run and  managed by Prestige! Events Jersey.  


The Galaxy Cosplay Masquerade is an opportunity become one of your favourite characters or Super Heroes and show off your costume.


 We will have some experienced judges who have entered competitions in the UK and there will be some cool prizes up for grabs.


The most important thing is to have fun but if you are able to build a costume using all sorts of materials and perform on stage great, as that will impress the judges but however complicated or simple the costume or performance is that isn't the most important thing as we would like to make this something accessible for all ages and skill levels!

It's all about having fun and enjoying the experience!


We will have a Saturday Cosplay Masquerade which will take place on stage at 3.30pm (TBC) and we'll have a 1st place "Best in Show", 2nd place and 3rd Place plus a Best Junior award which will all be announced Sunday.

Please fill in our registration form below to enter and guarantee your slot, we may be able to accept entry into the masquerade on the day but there is no guarantee as this will be subject to availability as we might be full and may have other stage activities. When you register you will receive a reply from us confirming you have been entered with the rules for the masquerade.

Please provide us with order number from eventbrite & name ticket booking is under so we can confirm valid entry (make sure you have purchased tickets for the event first). If for any reason you are no longer able to participate in the Masquerade please let us know as soon as possible. 


Also we will likely have a photographer on hand to catch some professional photos which may be available at the photo booth/photographer stand so please check on the day if your interested in purchasing any professional photos. 

We look forward to seeing all the costumes & performances at Galaxy Comic Con & hope this will be the first of many!


Register for the Galaxy Maquerade

What day will you be attending the Masquerade, please select one of the days below:

Please provides us with the the following information:

What name would you like to go by when introduced on stage, Age (Children will require permission from parents so please let us know if you are a parent filling in form for your child), what are you looking to do when on stage (Simple walk on with specific music or a performance piece), please give any additional information to help us better understand any requirements you may need and if you are able to do what you have in mind on our stage as safety is very important to us.